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A dad is denied going to his daughter's career day

CLEARWATER, Fla - Walter Smith is like any other father wanting to go to his daughter's class and teach her classmates about his profession. But he was denied because he is a tattoo artist.

Smith has attended school functions in the past but this year the principal of his daughters school sent him an e-mail stating he could not attend this year's event.

The principals reasoning is that some parent  believe he is promoting an alternative lifestyle to young children.

Smith states that when talking to children about tattoos, he emphasizes the importance of waiting until they are of legal age and compares the work to a surgical procedure. He explains safety and infection risks and points out teenagers who have gotten infections from homemade tattoos and piercings. Smith also states that his shop uses sterile equipment and always passes health inspections.

The principle states the decision was made in the spirit of political correctness.

Smith is currently fighting the decision and hopes to be able to attend the school event next week.

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