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A Fort Carson M.P. going above and beyond

Off duty but still ready to save a life

A Fort Carson Wear Red Friday Hero

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A July Fourth Holiday weekend that a Fort Carson soldier and his family won't ever forget.  Specialist Joel Irwin is a hero in my book.  On Sunday the seventh, Irwin and his family were at Lake Goodwin north of Seattle.  He and his family were on a picnic near the lake enjoying life.   Moments later a life altering situation presented itself to Joel, "My wife yelled over at me and I looked over at her and she said, Joel a young man just drowned.  I got off the picnic bench and ran down to the young man.  By the time I got to him, my brother in law was also there.  We just pretty much as a team worked on the young man."

The 16 year old who Irwin saved is okay. I asked Joel if he thought he was a hero because of what he did.  He told me, "I honestly don't feel like I'm a hero.  I was just doing my duty as a soldier and a military police officer who was trained in emergency services.  I would hope that someone would do the same for my children."

Specialist Irwin is with the 127th Military Police Company, 759th Military Police Battalion.  Someone nominated Joel to be our Wear Red Friday Hero.  You can do the same for someone you believe is a hero who is in the military or supports the military.  Go back to our home page and our Wear Red Section.  The nomination form is on there.

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