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A man of distinction

Meet Dr. Ron

A man of distinction

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - One man is a true scientist and showman who is making a difference in our community.  I had the opportunity to meet and learn more about our Wear Red Friday Hero.   Dr. Ron Furstenau is a chemistry professor at the Air Force Academy.

Dr. Ron makes chemistry fun, not just for the Air Force Academy cadets but also to the community. He told me, "I think you have to put a smile on their faces before they are really going to step forward and learn this stuff."

I watched as he entertained a cadet for a day, courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation.  Eight year old Jaivon Walker and his family were mesmorized by Dr. Ron and his science show.  

Dr. Ron has been entertaining kids with his love of science for nearly 15 years.  His lab coats are filled with pins from schools and groups that want to show their appreciation for them.  He told me, "I really enjoy the pins because I appreciate the thought of students and groups giving me those pins.  It helps me remember them."

Dr. Ron Furstenau is an Air Force Academy Graduate of 1978.  He got an advanced degree and has been wowing students ever since he came back to teach.  Yasmin Sarmiento is an AFA Senior Cadet.  She told me, "He has such a vibrant personality about himself and unique humor.  He keeps all of us cadets not only awake, but intrigued by his topics."

Dr. Ron is a credit to the Air Force Academy and the community of Southern Colorado.  That's why he is our Wear Red Friday Hero. 

You can nominate someone for our Wear Red Friday Hero.  He or she doesn't have to be in the military.  It could be someone you know who supports the military like a military spouse in our community doing great things for others.  It could also be someone in the kitchen of one of our military installations who puts a smile on the faces of everyone that person meets.   If you know someone, go to our Facebook or Twitter pages and nominate them.  We are KRDO NewsChannel 13.  You can also email me at e.singer@krdo.com. 

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