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A need to know about school money ballot issue

Issue 3C in Cañon City

Canon City issue 3C

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo - Less than three weeks to go before Fremont County voters decide on a multitude of ballot issues.  One of them is Issue 3C.  It would raise nearly five and a half million dollars for repairs at various Cañon City Schools.    The average impact at home would be 88 cents per month. 

I took a tour of the Lincoln School of Science and Technology to get a feel for what the money from 3C would actually repair.  Lincoln was built in the 1940's and expanded decades later.  Abe England is head custodian at the school.  Abe has been at the facility for ten years.   He showed me holes in doors where the metal is crumbling and you can stick your finger through the doors, peeling frames on windows and big holes in the roof of the school, "So far we've been putting band aids on the school.  I am a Dad myself and when a kid has broken arm you can't just put a band aid on it. It's time to take it and heal it right."  England is worried that more rain means more tiles could loosen up and possibly fall on high tech equipment or on a child's head. 

Tammy De Wolfe is Lincoln's principal and has been for 24 years.  She had this message for those who may wonder if now is the time to approve this bond issue, "Here's really the facts in this whole matter.  Prices keep going up.  Repairs still need to be done and if we don't do something it's going to cost us more in the long run."

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