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Accusations of perjury and forgery in recall petition signature gathering

Paperwork turned into D.A.'s office

Criminal investigation wanted in Morse recall

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The group supporting Senator John Morse delivered an affidavit to the District Attorney's office on Monday wanting action and justice.  Christy Le Lait with A Whole Lot of People for John Morse organization suspects more than 21 hundred possible bogus signatures.  Le Lait believes "We would like to see the District Attorney prosecute those who forged signatures and committed perjury to the fullest extent of the law." 

Jennifer Kerns is with The Basic Freedom Defense Fund that supports the Morse recall.  She was there when Le Lait presented the affidavit to a representative for the District Attorney's office, "I think this campaign should change its name to a whole lot of fiction writers for John Morse."  Kerns believes that up to 50 signatures may be bogus but not thousands.  She also told me, "We have a zero tolerance policy to any wrongdoing and want to hold everyone accountable for that.  We are doing our own investigation."

Le Lait doesn't believe there are enough bogus signatures to stop the recall election for Senate President John Morse but wonders why Kerns and her group if they did know about the questionable signatures, "Why didn't they pull them out before they were submitted?"  Le Lait also wonders how many petition signature packets would have been declared invalid,  because one or more signatures was illegally gotten. 

Kerns countered with this comment, " This is a pattern where we've seen delays in trying to deny the will of the people."

A representative with the District Attorney's office says investigators will look at the affidavit to see if there's enough evidence to warrant an investigation.  We'll keep watching to see what happens next.

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