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Accused child pimp arrested again

Trevor Baker accused of contacting alleged victim for third time

Accused child pimp re-arrested

COLORADO SPRINGSS, Colo. - A man accused of pimping a 16-year-old girl was re-arrested Friday at a hearing for his upcoming trial.

Police had been looking for Trevor Baker, 20, after they say he contacted the alleged victim in the case. It's the third time Baker has been arrested for violating the restraining order obtained by the teen's mother since his initial arrest in May.

Baker is facing child prostitution charges after police said he admitted to pimping his 16-year-old friend on the Internet. Baker said he and the girl hatched the plan together to make some money, and that she told him she was 18.

After Baker was handcuffed in the courtroom, the judge set his bond at $1,500. Baker's family said in court they would bail him out right after paperwork was signed at the jail.

There were more than a dozen members of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado that came to the hearing. They said they were disappointed by the low bail amount.

"This is the third time he's violated a court order to stay away from the survivor and he's continually violated it," said Aubrey Terry, a leader of the group. "The bond is still only set at $1,500 which is extremely sad to me that he's allowed to be bonded out and be allowed to be back in the community."

Also at the hearing, Baker's defense attorney revealed that the alleged victim and her mom taped a segment for the "Doctor Phil Show." The judge appeared upset, putting his head in his hands before he told Baker's lawyer that the show would have to be subpoenaed so the defense could view the footage. The segment has not been televised at this point.

Baker's trial date was set for November 13, but due to a scheduling conflict with a police witness, it likely won't begin until after the new year.

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