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Aerial mulching over burn scar wraps up

EAGLE LAKE, Colo. - Helicopters flew over the Waldo Canyon burn scar on Monday, dropping mulch around Eagle Lake to protect and restore the land.

"The mulch will probably hold water and be able to hold the moisture as well as protect some of the seed this winter," said Glen Eyrie Group Executive Director Jack McQueeney.

The Glen Eyrie Group runs Eagle Lake Camp, an area that lost 100 acres of land to the fire.

"From the very beginning, we knew that the place would look very different as a result of the catastrophe," McQueeney said.

The Group received $30,000 from the Colorado Chapter of Safari Club International to help with restoration. McQueeney said they are grateful for all the help they received, and they're hopeful for the future.

"We're able to see a lot of good news all the way across as we see new growth coming up," he said.

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