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AFA Firefighters Honored After Waldo Canyon Fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - 40 Air Force Academy firefighters received medals for their work during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The firefighters are a combination of civilian and military members, but their goal was the same, to protect the Air Force Academy and surrounding community during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

After their ceremony, firefighter said their success was the result of training and trust.

"You have to trust your life in your partners hands and he asks you to do the same. So it's a big deal," said Tech Sgt. Jason Linta.

Senior Airman Jacob Frui remembered one of the most important moments during the fire, "We built a giant fire line so that the fire couldn't jump over and surprise us while we were all down, during the down time period. I think that was the biggest part. I think it was the turning point of it."

And all the men and women agreed, one does not come out of a fire like the Waldo Canyon Fire without learning a lot.

"There is nothing we didn't learn from. Food is an important source. Water. How much water you need per day for something like this. Training, it all kicked in. There was nothing we didn't learn," said Senior Airman Donnie Brown.

AFA Firefighters said they train rigorously to be prepared for disasters at any moment.

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