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Affidavit reveals tangled web may have led to Pueblo West shooting

Affidavit reveals tangled web in Pueblo West shooting

PUEBLO, Colo. - A court affidavit obtained by KRDO reveals a twisted web of teens, drugs, guns, sex and bad blood that may have led to 34-year-old Cheryl Gonzales being shot at her front door in Pueblo West.

"This was specifically designed for the victim in this case and that residence," said Capt. Don Leach with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office.

Two juveniles have been arrested in connection with the shooting and attempted robbery and are being held at Pueblo Youth Services.  We are protecting their identity until they are officially charged as adults.

On page 4, in an interview with 24-year-old Raymond Younger, who was arrested for possession of a Schedule I Narcotic, Younger told investigators that the victim's husband, Tommy Gonzales, propositioned his girlfriend, 42-year-old Stacey Reinsch, for sex during a road trip.   The report states that Tommy "kept trying to pull to the side of the road to initiate sex."

That incident reportedly caused bad blood between Stacey and the victim, Cheryl.  Stacey is also the mother of one of the teens accused of attempted first degree murder.

Another motive stated in the affidavit during the interview was that "Cheryl sells a large amount of marijuana…"  A plan revealed to investigators was to steal the marijuana believed to be located in a cabinet in the garage.

On page 7, someone who appears to be the teen's driver, tells investigators one of the teens said he got mad when Cheryl pushed the door shut, so he started to shoot at the door.  When asked if the teen thought he shot Cheryl, the teen reportedly replied "I don't know, I might have, I heard her scream."

KRDO has been unable to obtain Cheryl's condition from the hospital.  The affidavit describes her serious wounds.  Cheryl suffered a lacerated liver, lacerated diaphragm and her stomach was lacerated in two places.  She also suffered a perforated lung as well as a severe injury to her spleen and extensive blood loss.

The two teens face a number of charges including attempted first degree murder, first degree burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.


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