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After 26 years, family remains optimistic they'll find missing son

Family remains optimistic they'll find missing son

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The news of three missing women being found in Ohio has offered renewed hope for a Colorado Springs couple who has been searching for their missing son for almost 30 years.

Christopher Abeyta was taken from his crib in Colorado Springs when he was seven months old in 1986.

When Christopher's mother, Bernice Abeyta, heard about the rescue in Ohio, she was too excited to sleep. She had a renewed sense of hope.

"It does give you a lot of encouragement to know that your son also could be returning some day and we believe that he will," Bernice Abeyta said.

After 26 years, Christopher's parents still believe their son is alive.

"He was a very strong, very happy child, and I'm thinking that I don't anything would get him down really," Bernice Abeyta said.

The family says they believe they know who took him. They're frustrated and disappointed with what police have and haven't done.

"'I expected more," said Gil Abeyta, Christopher's father. "I expected that there'd be more help from police than what there is."

Gil Abeyta says police accidentally destroyed evidence and have failed to follow up on potential leads in a timely fashion. Christopher's parents, both 70, say time is running out

"Is it too late? We're almost going on 30 years? Is it going to go another 40 years or who knows what and we won't be around," Gil Abeyta said.

The family is collecting signatures to get the case before a grand jury.

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