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After five months, people still divided over recreational pot

After 5 months, people still divided over recreational pot

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Some people in Pueblo West see recreational marijuana shops as a green gold mine, while others want them somewhere else.

Paula McPhetters lives in Pueblo West. She believes Pueblo County commissioners jumped too quickly in allowing retail pot shops in the county because they were focused on revenue. McPhetters joined 40 other Pueblo West residents in signing a letter addressed to commissioners, frustrated over claims they didn't get their voices heard.

"The revenue side of this was pushed so much that the people think there is a pot of gold without thinking of the unintended consequences," she said.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace says he and other commissioners listened to the people before allowing recreational pot shops.

"These folks voted overwhelmingly to allow adult recreational marijuana and so it was our job to make a robust regulatory system," he said.

Pace said the commissioners capped the amount of shops at 10 because they didn't want to overwhelm people.

Rick Hooper manages The Spot marijuana shop.

He said marijuana has been like green gold for Pueblo West.

"We are bringing in money for schools and for things that need to be fixed, like roads," Hooper said.

As for Pace, he said if people can't make it to the meetings, his door is always open to listen to suggestions.

The county commissioners will meet again on Wednesday (05/07/14) at 11 a.m.

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