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After surviving highway 24 flood, Springs woman is taking extra precautions

Woman takes precautions after being caught in flood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One Colorado Springs woman is not taking any chances after flood waters covered her SUV along Highway 24 last week.

Christine Hensley and her daughter were driving west on Highway 24 when they encountered the flash flood.  The water caused her vehicle to spin and eventually pushed it over the median.  That is when the two were able to climb out.

"I have never seen anything like that ... to go from inches of water to feet in a matter of seconds," she described.

Christine worries if she ended up in another flood, she may not be able to get out of her car.  So, she has purchased an emergency hammer that can shatter a car window.

"If I have to bail out of the window, I'll be prepared," said Christine.

"A window takes more than you think to break it," said Neil Raedel, Colorado Springs Fire Department.  Raedel says tools, like the one Christine purchased, are easy to use.

But if your car isn't totally submerged, Raedel says you shouldn't attempt to leave.  "On average, it takes two feet of water to float a car, but only 6 inches of water to knock you off your feet," he said.

Raedel says if you see someone trapped in their car, call for help and don't attempt a rescue.


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