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Air Force Academy teaches fire safety

Air Force Academy teaches fire safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Fire safety is at the top of everyone's mind right now, especially at the Air Force Academy.

Firefighters there were on the front lines battling the Black Forest and Waldo Canyon fires.

Kids especially can't help but look up to firefighters and many even want to be one themselves.

"Since I went here, I kinda want to be a firefighter," said 8-year-old Avery Williams.

Not an uncommon response, considering many of them sprayed fires in a controlled scenario for the first time Thursday morning.

"The fact that kids put out fires with real extinguishers is a good lesson. We're trying to get a solid message out to the kids," said Michael C. Mater, Fire Inspector at the Air Force Academy.

When you're 8 years old, firing an extinguisher for the first time it sounds like fun. But there's a deeper meaning to this. The kids are learning from fighters who were on the front lines during the Black Forest and Waldo Canyon fires.

"We're really trying to bring their attention to playing with matches and starting small fires with magnifying glasses," Mater said.

The fires are fresh in these kids minds, so that reference point should be easy to make.

"If we can get them to understand a small fire can blaze into a major fire quickly, we definitely want to leave them with that," Mater said.

At least one 8-year-old, agrees.

"I like helping people and putting out fires," Williams said.

This is the seventh year those firefighters have put on a fire safety presentation day for kids.

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