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Air Force Dad surprises son at school

Home from Afghanistan

Air Force Dad surprises son at school

Colorado Springs, Colo. - A school surprise brings tears to a student's eyes. Air Force Master Sgt. Jamie Dufrene came home from Afghanistan Thursday and surprised his son Caleb at Skyview Middle School. 

It was a surprise unlike any other. Caleb's dad was thousands of miles away for the last six months.

"This is my dad. He's in the United States Air Force. He's been deployed in Afghanistan," said Caleb to his classmates.

Mom, Jenny Dufrene, told Caleb dad wouldn't be home until mid-September.

"I kind of panicked. I didn't know what to do because he came because I was super excited," said Caleb.

"I just thought it'd be cool to come and pick him up. She was the brain child on the rest of it," said Master Sgt. Jamie Dufrene.

Caleb's classmates at Skyview Middle School were curious about his dad's time in Kabul.

"What's it like in Afghanistan?" said one classmate.

"Real warm, really dusty," said Master Sgt. Dufrene.

Another classmate asked Caleb what it was like while his dad was gone.

I didn't get through it that easily. I would be in bed crying and it wouldn't be that good, though."

"I had to lie to him for a week about today. So I'm glad that's over with," said Jenny Dufrene.

With dad by his side again, Caleb wants the simple things in life.

"I would love to go hiking with him. He would take me on his motorcycle and that we would at night we would go sit down and just watch TV together," said Caleb.

After the Dufrenes left Skyview Middle School, Master Sgt. Dufrene surprised his third grade son Conner at Ridgeview Elementary. He says he'll be home for a while.

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