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All-female team represents Colorado Springs in uncommon sport

All-female team represents Colo. Springs in uncommon spor

Tapping water mains is a common job, and depending on the task can take around five hours to complete.

Colorado Springs Utilities has one team that can complete this task in less than three minutes.

"They get faster and faster, so I really think they have a great chance of winning," said Bobby Powell, a water construction supervisor with Colorado Springs Utilities. 

Powell also coaches competitions where teams tap water mains as quickly as possible.  One of the newest teams is comprised of all females.

 The team includes senior analyst Carrie Guy, principal engineer Tara McGowan and administrative specialist Heather Finley.  None of these women actually work in the field; rather they have streamlined their skills in a controlled environment.

The women competed against another female group in Colorado, and won.  They are now training for the national competition in Boston next summer.

Each woman is responsible for a specific task, like drilling the hole through a steel pipe, bending copper piping and connecting the pipes to the water main. 

"It's kind of cool to be part of the first women's team to do any kind of a typically man's sport," said Finley.

The women say the task is challenging and rewarding.  However, none of the ladies say they will be trading their office jobs for a spot in the field any time soon.  CSU also has a mens tapping team that is one of the top 10 in the country.

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