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Alumni not surprised after learning about former teachers accused actions

Pueblo South High School

Alumni not surprised of teacher accustions

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo South High School alumni are not shocked that another incident happened at their school.

This comes after they learned about the accusations against Larisa Oringdulph for sending inappropriate text messages and kissing a student.

But this isn't the first time controversy has hit the school according to former students.

"The teachers and security guards were having parties and invited students," Pueblo South Graduate Ann Lucero said.

"I know teachers would buy alcohol for students," Pueblo South Graduate Paul Montoya said.

And they claim these incidents were swept under the rug. 

Lucero said after learning about Oringdulph's accusations she is concerned for her kids.

"It makes me worry for my kids because when they go there what's it going to be like," Lucero said.

No criminal charges have been filed against Oringdulph.

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