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Amendment aims to give towns, cities more legislative power

Amendment aims to give towns, cities more legislative power

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A group of Coloradoans is fighting to give local cities and towns more power.

This week, the Colorado Community Rights Network submitted paperwork to put the Community Rights Amendment on November's ballot. The proposed amendment says local communities should have the right to make laws that ban or restrict for-profit business entities that could harm residents, and that those laws should not be pre-empted by state, federal or international law.

"The state can say to a local community, 'We're going to allow corporations to come into your community whether you like it or not,' and we don't think that's right," said Lotus, with the Colorado Community Rights Network.

The proposed amendment stems from the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, debate. Opponents of the practice said local governments should be able to keep oil and gas companies from setting up shop in town.

Mike McDivitt, of McDivitt Law Firm said the proposal shows how powerless its proponents feel. He said opponents, on the other hand, will say it's too broad.

"There are those who will say look, if this gets passed, it's too broad. It restricts all businesses. It doesn't say a particular business," he said. "They say look, if we do that, then it's going to inhibit business from wanting to come to Colorado."

The Colorado Community Rights Network will now discuss the proposed amendment's language and then gather the necessary signatures for it to go on November's ballot.

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