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AMR Contract Delayed, Emergency Board Wants Answers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The El Paso County ESA Board says Colorado Springs is delaying the ESA contract with ambulance service provider American Medical Response, but the reasons behind that delay remain unclear.

ESA board members held a special meeting Friday to try and get some answers about supposed rumors explaining why the Colorado Springs Fire Department recommended that the City of Colorado Springs not approve the contract.

There were extended discussion during the meeting but little answers, which frustrated many of the board members.

"I think we need to bring this discussion out into the light of day. I am not saying that anything has been done that is wrong, at this point, but I think it is really unfair for this board to have to guess and guess and guess what is happening," said board member Sallie Clark.

An AMR representative was at the special meeting, and said that the City and AMR had conversations, but that he was not able to reveal what those conversations were about.

Councilman Bernie Herpin was also at the meeting, and said that he couldn't speak about any potential conversation between AMR and the City, but said that he expects the contract to be approved once it comes before council.

There were no representative from the Colorado Springs Fire Department or the City of Colorado Springs to answer the ESA Board's questions. Board members said it left them feeling "uneasy" to be left out of the conversation.

"Why does one group have to have that conversation behind one set of doors, and another group have another that conversation behind another set of doors? Why can't we have that conversation amongst all of us," asked board member John Scorsine.

KRDO NewsChannel13 contacted representatives with Colorado Springs, but did not get a response.

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