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"An egregious breach of confidentiality"

Commissioners react to Maketa

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The county commission is now consulting its attorney.

Commissioner Peggy Littleton says she's very concerned about Vicki Maketa's tipoff of more inappropriate actions among high-level sheriff's department officers - calling it completely inappropriate.

"The question exists why did she have access to the files, privy to the information that was in the personnel files, when in the sheriff's policy she never should have had access to that," Littleton said.

The Sheriff's own internal affairs policy states - records within an internal affairs file regarding a complaint or investigation would be securely stored.
All investigations would be considered confidential.

So when she heard Maketa's wife, Vicki, had tipped off media outlets about employees within the sheriff's office, she was upset.

"If there supposed to be stored there, and she's not an employee of the sheriff's office? how did she get the information?" she asked.

Littleton said she's been in touch with the county attorney, who's now looking into the matter.

She said it's one more reason maketa should resign.

"Unfortunately, the sheriff and his wife feel like they are above policy and procedure that they expect everyone else to follow," she said.

On a related note, we received a response last night from Charles Greenlee, Legal Council for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

He said the office has no internal affairs files on either Sheriff Maketa or Dorene Cardarelle.

The only item stored in the Internal Affairs Unit is a not-at-fault traffic accident the sheriff was involved in.

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