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Angela and Nannette are Wear Red Friday Heroes

Helping military families at their most vulnerable

Fallen Heroes Family Center Wear Red Friday Heroes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - One building at Fort Carson is literally a lifeline of hope and help for grieving families of military who've died in the service of our country.   It's called the Fallen Heroes Family Center.  Inside the building are pictures of military who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

Survivor Outreach Services or SOS is a key player inside the center to help families deal with their heart wrenching pain.  Angela Gunn is the program manager.  She told me it's an honor to be part of this kind of help for families, "It's a tough job but we have to do it to help the families get through it all."  She showed me two pictures of many on the walls, nearly side by side to each other that touched her heart.  These were two families who live in opposite parts of Colorado Springs who never knew one another but were now united in loss., "Christopher went to Widefield High School and Richard went to Mesa Ridge. They lived on separate sides in Widefield and the circumstances that happened to them were that they died not too far apart. Their parents have become real close to one another."

The Fallen Heroes Family Center opened in 2010.  Nanette Byrne-Haupt's husband Ryan was killed in battle, too.  She is now the SOS family support coordinator.  She said she had to be part of the center and SOS to give back to the military community.   She told me, "That's when the healing takes place, when survivors meet with other survivors."

There are more than 100 pictures on the wall from all branches of the military at the center at Fort Carson.  Ultimately,  this place is a lifeline that gives back to families in so many ways. 

Angela and Nannette's devotion to this duty to help others is why they are our Wear Red Friday Heroes

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