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Anger grows at Governor's reprieve

Anger over reprieve

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A decade and a half before Nathan Dunlap's life was in Governor John Hickenlooper's hands, it was in Juror 39 and 11 others.

"We convicted him of that heinous crime and it should be carried out," said Steve, who was Juror 39. 

Moved to El Paso county in a change of venue, the jury sat for five weeks before they quickly made up their mind about Dunlap's guilt and what his punishment should be: death.

"Governor Hickenlooper destroyed the jurist system yesterday.  If one person can take what a jury came up with and set it aside, then there is no system, so why do you need juries then?" Steve said.

By writing an indefinate reprieve, Governor Hickenlooper indicated Dunlap will live as long as he is governor.

"Is it just and moral if we make a decision to take this person's life?  Is it a benefit to the world?" Governor Hickenlooper said.

Juror 39 believes it's immoral to let a killer live.

"Some people say that it's cruel and inhumane if you put someone on death row, but what about the people who died, isn't that cruel and inhumane to them and their relatives?" Steve said.

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