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Animal instincts insight

Animal instinct insight

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - When you hear about a heroic pet, it seems it's a K-9 every doggone time.

From Underdog to Lassie heroic dogs dominate pop culture.  In real life you hear about dogs alerting owners about fires or sniffing out danger for soldiers.

But a ferocious feline named Tara showed even cats have their day.

A viral video last week showed Tara throwing her body at a much larger dog viciously attacking a little boy.  Tara terrified the dog, chasing it off and saving the boy from serious injury.

"I've never seen a cat go after a dog like that," said Jill Haffley, an animal behavioral expert.  "That dog was four times her size and she wasn't concerned at all for her safety."

Haffley credits the relationship the family built with their cat Tara that led to her heroics.

"It's a special bond that animals hold, not just dogs, but cats too," Haffley said.  "It's my belief that that cat knew that the little boy was in trouble and it wasn't just a dog playing with a kid and she went out and she took care of business."

But she doesn't believe most cats would behave that way.

"I don't think its one in a million but I also don't think it's every cat either," Haffley said.

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