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Animal rescuer reacts to breastfeeding puppy

Animal rescuer reacts to breastfeeding puppy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Cheryl Evans has fostered dogs for National Mill Dog Rescue for seven years.  Her latest puppy maybe her biggest challenge.

"It's 24-hour care.  She's like having a newborn baby," Evans said.

The Old English Bulldog puppy named "Twinkles" has spina bifida.  She has to wear a diaper, go to therapy and Evans even feeds her with a fork.

"She wouldn't eat out of the bowl…and it helps keep her regular," Evans said.

If it wasn't for Evans and the National Mill Dog Rescue, Twinkles probably wouldn't have much of a future.

"They would have euthanized her," Evans said.

Evans gives her heart to Twinkles, even though she tears up thinking about when she is adopted to her forever family.

"It'll be bittersweet.  She really needs that family that can be 110% dedicated to her care," Evans said.

But she was still shocked when she heard about another animal rescuer who decided to breastfeed an orphaned puppy that was just a few days old.

"Because it's not something we would typically hear of someone doing," Evans said.  "When I actually viewed the whole story and took into consideration what would I do if I had the same opportunity and was presented with the same situation…like I said, I would do anything I could to help a baby survive."

Speaking under the condition of anonymity exclusively to KRDO on Thursday, the woman says she understands the taboo nature of what she did, but…

"I did the right thing.  I can't let their criticism bring me down when I did something right and I saw the results, I've seen the results.  That dog is alive because I took that initiative" the woman said.

A similar feeling to what Evans feels as she continues to care for puppies like Twinkles.

"It's almost like you can't explain what if it means for your heart.  It's rewarding to hear that you're helping such a helpless being," Evans said.

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