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Anti-Semitic fliers in Ukraine don't shake the Jewish faithful

Anti-semitic fliers in Ukraine

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Millions of Jews around the world are celebrating Passover.

"Passover's a time when we celebrate freedom.  We celebrate religious freedom where we feel we can be comfortable with ourselves and be what we are allowed to be and the rights we are given from God as Jewish people," said Rabbi Moshe Liberow.

They celebrate the Exodus from Egypt, while another older enemy continues to rise up…anti-Semitism.

Fliers were handed to Jews outside of a synagogue in Donetsk.  They said that Jews were required to register at a government building and pay a fee.

"Whether it's Ukraine 2014, whether it's Nazi Germany 1942, it's all the same.  It's always someone trying to come up against the Jews, someone trying to come against us but in the end God saves us," said Yosef Shilder.

The fliers created outrage around the world, including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who called them "grotesque." 

But many now believe the fliers are fake and not from any government authority.  Still the mindset they represent is one Jews say they expect to face and why each year they celebrate Passover with passion.

"The very promise of deliverance that God almighty promised us way back in Exodus is something that keeps us going and that we have to remember we have adversary's, we have enemies but we will stand strong and we will overcome," Rabbi Liberow said.

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