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Any problems discovered on roads after severe storm?

Hail of a storm and cleanup

Big cleanup after severe weather

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A muddy mess is all that's left of what was a hail of a storm on Thursday night.  Friday was cleanup day following the severe weather.  I checked out the area around Interquest and Voyager Parkways on the northeast side of the city. 

Remember,  there were some cars stranded in the high water.  No one was hurt but I wanted to see if there is any lingering damage.  Near Voyager and Spectrum Loop there were still two big holes because of construction that was started before the storm even hit.  Construction Supervisor Rob Bohenna told me, "We were controlled before the rain came.  When the rain came,  there's not much we can do.  Mother Nature does what she wants to do."  Barricades, signs and barrels were up before the storm to warn drivers and were back in place after the storm.  

The Spectrum Loop project should be finished next week.  The widening of Northgate road should be done in six weeks. 

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