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Apartment fire forces 26 people out of their homes

Shannon Glen Apartment Fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - More than two dozen people were forced out of their home, two went to the hospital and three had to be rescued.

It all happened at a Colorado Springs apartment complex after a fire broke out Monday night.

The cause of that fire is still under investigation this afternoon.

It happened at the Shannon Glen apartments.

"my apartment filled up with smoke so fast i started choking and getting dizzy so I didn't have time to grab anything," said Benjamin Basney, one of 26 people who struggled to get out of their home in time.

"I had to close my eyes and hold my breath and feel my way down the hallway. I see people running down the hallway with their pets and children and blankets. Smoke is barreling down the hallway, everybody fire alarm is going off," said Basney

13 trucks and 52 firefighters responded and saved three lives.

"We found heavy smoke and fire conditions when we arrived. Immediately called for rescue because we did have people trapped on the third floor," said Lt. Stacy Billpando.

The fire started in one apartment but it affected 12 others.

"I don't know if this was intentional. It sounds like something fishy happened here because nobody was supposed to be in that apartment at all. It was an evicted apartment and somehow it caught on fire and I'm out of a place to sleep tonight," said Basney.

But Springs Fire Lt. Billapando told us someone had been living there according to the apartment manager.

"Right now they're just more confused about what the next step is. They want to get back in their places with their children and their animals in case they are displaced. Thank goodness Red Cross is here," said Lt. Billapando.

Red Cross is helping all 26 people find a place to stay.

They will continue working with the families until they know how damaged their homes are.

We'll of course keep you updated as soon as we learn the cause of the fire.

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