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Apartment played role in Monday's double murder case

Woman eventually leads police to alleged shooter

New Details in Double Murder Arrests

Court records released Friday explain how Colorado Springs police found a murder suspect and the man believed to have given him a place to hide.

Macyo January, 17, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the Monday shooting deaths of Fort Carson soldier David Dunlap, 37,  and his pregnant wife, Whitney Butler, 35.  Police said January killed the couple when they interrupted a burglary at their home on Bassett Drive.

Also arrested was Jerel Couch, 19, suspected of being an accessory to murder for giving January a place to hide.  Both men were arrested Thursday night where Couch lived, at the Vistas Apartments near the intersection of Academy Boulevard and Bijou Street.

According to court records, Couch's girlfriend, Monique Reetz, helped police find the suspects.  Police said she lived at the Timbers Apartments on Airport Road, a few blocks from the murder scene.  An anonymous neighbor said January lived there, as well.

"He was living with a woman, helping her with rent," said the neighbor.

Court records indicate Reetz saw January carrying a white plastic bag containing unknown items the day of the murders.  The neighbor said she saw January outside the complex that day, carrying the bag.

"He just kind of glanced at me and didn't say anything," the neighbor said.  "Usually he seemed friendly when I saw him periodically."

Police began questioning Reetz on Wednesday, two days after the murders, according to court records.  Police also searched her apartment.  Reetz said she had given January a ride to the Vistas, and that he asked her to call Couch to tell him they were coming.

Court records state that on Thursday, police began staking out the Vistas and soon apprehended Couch as he was leaving.  Police said Couch wasn't cooperative, denying that he lived at the complex, saying he hadn't seen January in several months, and denied receiving a phone call from Reetz.

Police continued their stakeout until they saw January leaving the Vistas around 6 p.m. Thursday and arrested him.

The neighbor said she didn't know police considered January to be the shooting suspect until a detective showed her a photo of him.

"They were in our hallway watching the different apartments," the neighbor said about police.  "They were questioning all the guys that were leaving.  Everyone was keeping their kids inside until he (January) was caught."

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