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April Luu is our Wear Red Friday Hero

April helping others achieve goals

April Luu is our Wear Red Friday Hero

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - April Luu is ex-Army but still Army proud.  I caught up with her as she was training her students at Maxx Performance.  One of her students nominated April on KRDO.com as our Wear Red Friday Hero. 

April was with 82nd Airborne and 10th Special Forces.  She told me she had firsts in her military career, "Being a line instructor in the military and the first female to do it, you gotta have that drive.  You gotta really, really, want it."  After five years, six months in the military, April left to be a Mom of her first child.  She now has two children and still has the get up and gung ho, the army trained her to have and is sharing her motivation for a better life with others.  April says of her students, "I believe in them and push them to start believing in themselves.  That's when the magic starts happening."

Sarah is one of her students. She was huffing and puffing her way to fitness in April's class when I met her.  She told me, "I absolutely owe it to April.  She is my warrior.  I may not have faith in myself, but she's got faith in me."  Sarah has lost 63 pounds and five dress sizes.

April Luu is now being trained to also enter long distance running races.  She's placed in 5K's and others and is psyched to go for more.  April told me she's doing it to challenge herself and to tell other Moms that they can do it too.  She reinforced that to me, "The military taught me a lot of discipline so I've always been that way.  I love helping people and watching them get to their goals and how happy they are when they make those goals happen."

You can nominate your own Wear Red Friday Hero.  Go to the KRDO.com front page, scroll down to the right side of our home page and you'll find our Wear Red Hero section.

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