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Army mum on investigation into sex misconduct cases

'We just can't discuss details,' said Dani Johnson, Fort Carson chief of media

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As the El Paso County Sheriff's Office reveals that it is investigating a soldier also being investigated by the Army, Ft. Carson stays silent on any more details of their case.

Lt. Jeff Kramer said his department got notice on Friday.  He said the alleged incident involved a 14-year-old girl and happened off the post.  Kramer said the Sheriff's Office investigation is continuing.

That soldier is among several being investigated for sexual misconduct with underage girls.  The Army is refusing to give the community any further information in the case.

Over the phone, Fort Carson Chief of Media Dani Johnson said, "We can't discuss details."  She went on to say, "We are taking this very seriously, which is why we may seem closed-holed.  In reality, we are taking this so seriously, we don't want to compromise anything."

Retired Air Force Col. Skip Morgan, who has prosecuted and defended cases in both military and civilian courts, defends their silence.  "Often during the investigative process, disclosure could dry up sources and make or cause witnesses to go away.  I can't say there is a right one way or the other but procedurally that is just the way the military handles things," he said.  

Morgan said it won't be until a preliminary hearing called an Article 32 hearing that the military would release names of the accused.

Johnson said if charges are filed against the soldiers, Fort Carson will release more information.

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