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Army recruitment going steady despite possible cuts

Army continuing to recruit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined a military budget proposal Monday that would reduce the size of the Army, but it continues to recruit as usual in Colorado Springs.

Under Hagel's proposal, the army would shrink from its current 552,000 soldiers to between 440,000 and 450,000. It's the smallest level it's been since before World War II.

"I trust that the Honorable Mr. Hagel and all those above us are going to do the best they can to make us the best and most elite fighting force that we can be," U.S. Army Major Herbert Flather said.

Flather is the company commander with Colorado Springs Army recruiting. He said they are still hiring. A smaller Army and a reduced combat role in Afghanistan could lower their recruit numbers, he said. But right now, it's business as usual.

"We're still hiring," he said. "Specifically, we're still looking for a lot of folks, active duty. We're looking for folks  in every military operating specialty or MOS that you can think of."

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