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Army suspends tuition assistance, thousands at Fort Carson affected

Tuition Assistance Cuts

FORT CARSON, Colo. - There is no more tuition assistance for soldiers. Sequestration is causing the program's suspension.

This suspension will affect thousands of soldiers at Fort Carson, but army officials urge soldiers to remain positive.

"Don't be frustrated. There are numerous opportunities, other opportunities for them to continue their personal education levels," said Matt Webb, the director of human resources at the Mountain Post.

Webb said the tuition assistance program will be reevaluated once budget problems are resolved at the federal level. The program helped active duty soldiers pay for school on a class by class basis.

"The good thing is that if they are already in the program they are not stopped. They can complete their college class for the remainder of the semester," said Webb.

If the solder needed to take more classes next semester they will not be able to apply for more assistance.

Tuition assistance is not the same as the GI bill. The GI bill will not be affected because of this cost cutting measure.

Almost 5,000 soldiers used tuition assistance last year at Fort Carson at a cost of 9 million dollars.

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