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Army welcomes 112 young men and women

Local recruits take oath of enlistment

New recruits take oath for Army with new roles for women


The Colorado American Legion and the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion hosted the annual oath of enlistment for 112 recruits Friday night.

The young men and women ready for service are coming in at a time when there are more opportunities for women in the armed services. Under the military's new rules announced Thursday, women will have to meet the same physical requirements as men in order to serve in combat.

"I think its a great opportunity for them as like individuals," said Quentin Ziegler. "Say you're leaving high school, knowing you have more of an opportunity to do something good."

Some of the new soldiers are getting out of high school and are ready for training. Others still have college classes to finish before their service begins.

The oath of enlistment was administered by Brig. Gen. Darsie Rogers Jr.

Many of the young men and women who took that oath in the ceremony qualified by having three or more years of JROTC experience in high school or college.

Some new enlistees credit their family for inspiring them into military service but others say it's a personal challenge.

"Self improvement, serving our country -- because I really do believe the Army will be a great experience and help me out but I also want to give back," said Matthew Cavanaugh.

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