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Arrest made in Pueblo West shooting

PUEBLO, COLO. - Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Detectives have arrested several of the persons of interest in the case involving 34 year old, Cheryl Gonzales.

PCSO Detectives have been working around the clock since Mrs. Gonzales was shot through the front door of her Pueblo West home early Sunday morning.

Arrested for crimes related to the shooting is a 17 year old boy who has been booked into Pueblo Youth Center.

The juvenile is charged with First Degree Attempted murder and multiple other felonies in the case. Four other arrests have been made that are not necessarily related to the shooting allegations but are related to other criminal activity revealed during the investigation.

Attempted drug theft is believed to be one motive in this case, and two of the arrests are for possession of illegal substances (the other two arrested for outstanding warrants). Additional arrests based on the illicit activity revealed during the investigation and the shooting itself are likely.

At least two shooters stood and fired their guns into the front door of the Gonzales residence.  PCSO Investigators believe they have recovered those guns.

Detectives have interviewed over 30 people and have served search warrants on three homes in Pueblo County.

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor says over thirty law enforcement professionals have participated in the investigation, response, and security on this incident.

"Violent crime is rare in Pueblo County already, but to know this incident was premeditated and these suspects planned to shoot our victim without regard for what the young children in the home would witness or their future is certainly a motivating factor for our team. As a whole, we haven't stopped working this shooting since the second the 911 call came in." says Taylor.

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