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Arrest made in vet clinic burglary

Cat Clinic Burglarized

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police arrested a man accused of breaking into CatTails, a vet clinic located on Star Ranch Road and Highway 115 late Sunday night.

Police said someone passing by the clinic around 9:30 p.m. reported hearing glass break and possibly seeing someone with a flashlight at the clinic.

When police arrived, they found 32-year old Thomas Marzak inside the business. Police said he broke a window to get into the building. Those who work at the clinic dealt with the aftermath.

"Glass was everywhere, of course. Blood prints everywhere, he had like I said, opened drawers, cabinets, just ransacked cabinets," Practice Manager Guy Dufort said. "There was paper just scattered everywhere, all items on the counter were pushed off the shelf, it was just a ransack is what it was."

Dufort said the burglar had money and antibiotics in his pocket, when police arrived. He had also gathered computer monitors. He was arrested and faces burglary charges.

Meanwhile, the clinic is operating normally. The four cats that live there were unharmed.

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