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At least $10 million worth of flood repairs in Colo. Springs

City asks to be included in federal disaster declaration

At least $10 million worth of flood repairs in Colo. Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs city leaders held a news conference Tuesday to provide updates on flood damage assessments and recovery efforts in Colorado Springs.

Bret Waters, director of the Office of Emergency Management, said that officials are still in the early phases of assessing damage from the floods.

A conservative estimated cost of repairs to public property in Colorado Springs is $10 million, Waters said.  That does not include individual homes or the city's response costs.

"This is, as we say, a moving target," Waters said.  "We continue to discover where damages are."

Members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are meeting with Colorado Springs leaders to assess the damage and decide if it can provide any assistance.  Right now, there is no aid available to individuals affected by flooding in El Paso County.  

"It's a private, individual issue," Waters said.  "We're going to try to do anything we can to assist. But ultimately, it's homeowner to insurance agency."  

If federal help does become available, Waters said they will notify the public on how to make a claim.  He also encouraged everyone to make a claim with an insurance agent, even if you are unsure if you qualify for any assistance.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach spoke briefly about needed repairs to infrastructure in Colorado Springs, and how they will go about rebuilding.  

"There's no point in trying to rebuild infrastructure if it's going to be wiped out again," Bach said.

Waters told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that the mayor has been clear on having a reserve for emergency situations, but the specifics on how to pay for repairs is not clear.  

Colorado Springs has received approval for some aid related to emergency response and city infrastructure.  The city has requested to be included in the Federal Disaster Declaration for the state of Colorado.

"We're going to see if we can get reimbursement in any way we can," Waters said.  "That's really an evolving process.  We really don't know enough about it yet."

The city will be opening a Disaster Assistance Center to help those affected by floods.  The center is projected to open on Friday.  A location has not been announced.

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