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Attorney general shuts down Springs Transmissions

Permanent restraining order granted Thursday

Attorney general goes after Springs Transmissions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs auto shop accused of deceiving and stealing from dozens of customers will be shut down, at least throughout the criminal trial for its owner.

On Thursday, the Colorado Attorney General's Office was granted a permanent restraining order against Greg Ehnes and Jessica White, the owner and manager of Springs Transmissions and Automotive.

"It means the company will have to stop operating while the case is pending," said Carolyn Tyler, spokesperson for the attorney general's office. "Now the case proceeds to trial, and at trial, we will seek to recover restitution for all harmed consumers, fines and penalties and to recoup the state's expenses."

KRDO Newschannel 13 learned Ehnes agreed to close the shop. Alleged victim Crystal Riese said she was set to testify at Thursday's hearing, but got a call from the attorney general's office late Wednesday afternoon saying she didn't need to show up.

"I found out (Ehnes and White) agreed to the terms of not operating their shop," said Riese. "I'm glad they're not operating their shop, but I thought tomorrow would be my chance."

Riese said she had hoped to finally confront Ehnes about what happened to her truck. Police said when Riese's suburban was getting repaired at Springs Transmissions, two employees crashed the car and then reported it stolen. Police said Ehnes knew about the false report. All three men are facing misdemeanor charges of false reporting to authorities and conspiracy.

In a separate criminal case, Ehnes is facing more than 30 charges of theft and criminal mischief. Police said Ehnes didn't do work he was paid to do, refused to return cars to customers, stole parts and vandalized vehicles.

Some of the cars Ehnes was fixing even ended up being sold to a scrap metal yard.

In prior interviews, Ehnes has maintained his innocence to KRDO Newschannel 13. When reached by phone Wednesday, he said that his lawyer has told him to stop talking about accusations and charges.

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