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Authorities search home of deceased Monument teen's father

Evidence taken from Mark Redwine's home in La Plata County

Authorities Search Home of Dylan Redwine's Father

DENVER (AP) - Authorities on Wednesday searched the home of the father of a boy whose remains were found in June after he disappeared from the home last November.

Dan Bender, spokesman for the La Plata County Sheriff's Office, confirmed that the county, the FBI and the state Bureau of Investigation searched the home of Mark Redwine near Vallecito Lake.  That's where Dylan was last seen alive.

"Since Mark's house is -- by everyone's account -- the last place Dylan was seen alive, it's one of several natural places for us to go back to, to do follow-up searches, and that's what we did yesterday," said Bender.

Dylan lived in Monument with his mother, Elaine Redwine, but went to his father's home near Vallecito Lake for a court-ordered visit during Thanksgiving.  Mark Redwine has said he returned home from doing errands to find his son gone.

Investigators reportedly dug a hole in the yard, then removed sections of carpet and wood flooring during the search, along with a fireplace poker, clothing and a cellphone. 

Bender said there is nothing specific that led authorities to search the house again.

"As we've been going through this investigation over the last nine months, we continue going back to places," he said.  "In fact, we had searches last week of other locations.  As we gain additional information and find additional clues,  we try to go back to see if we can make any connections."

Bender said the ongoing nature of the investigation prevents him from releasing more details but that authorities believe they're making progress.

"As we move forward, we continue to glean new information and find clues," he said.  "We'll continue doing that until we're able to reach a solution or conclusion on what exactly happened to Dylan and who may have been involved."

No suspects have been named in Dylan's death.

Dylan's parents were unavailable for comment on Thursday.  However, Mark Redwine has insisted that he isn't involved in his son's disappearance and is working to learn who is responsible for what happened to Dylan.

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