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Bad break for Broncos fan won't spoil Super Bowl

Broken leg won't break Broncos fan's spirit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Losing a chance at a free trip to the Super Bowl and breaking her leg in the process won't break the spirit of one big Broncos fan.

Teresa Berardi just returned from a trip to California to be on her favorite television show, "Ellen." Berardi was competing for a chance to win a trip and tickets to the big game.

"They just said you're coming out here, you're going to play a game; you're going to compete," said Berardi.

Berardi said she prepared for Broncos and Seahawks trivia but right out of the gate was a contest that forced her to try and jump on an inflated plastic stool to avoid a spinning lever. Berardi slipped and fell twice, the second time doing damage to her knee.

She was sent to the hospital on Thursday then flew home Friday.

Berardi will be in a splint for the next three months but said doctors don't think they'll have to put her leg in a cast.

On Sunday, she plans on watching the Super Bowl from the couch surrounded by friends and family.

"If I had won on Ellen I would have gone straight to the Super Bowl from there so I had to make sure I  had everything in order and the party was ready to go regardless," said Berardi.

Berardi is cheering for the Broncos and still hoping to see her favorite team play in the Super Bowl in person.

"I was this close so they'll have to make it again so we can go -- without a broken leg," said Berardi.

The Colorado Springs mother and said she's texting with the Broncos fan who won the trip from the daytime television show and is excited for her.

Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars honoring the year's best movies March 2 on ABC.

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