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Baldness breakthrough

Breakthrough for baldness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Researchers say they may have found a breakthrough for baldness.

Professors at Columbia University Medical Center have come up with a new technique to generate hair growth. They took cells from hair follicles and transplanted them onto human skin that was grafted onto mice. In five of the seven tests, the transplants resulted in new hair.

Current treatments can slow hair loss or move hair from one area to another, but they don't stimulate new hair growth.

 It might be a few years before human trials though.  Scientists still need to figure out how to control color, texture and what angle it grows.

 At Randy's Olde Thyme Barber Shop in Old Colorado City, Randy Leaming says many of his best customers are bald.

 "Guys just decide it's not worth having that comb over so we'll just take it all off," Leaming said.

 He believes if there is a successful treatment for baldness, there will be a line of men waiting.

 "Everybody always wants to grow hair and everybody is always asking me about it, but nothing right now really works," Leaming said.

 But not everyone would be happy to see badness go away.  Some women prefer "follically challenged" men.

 "I think bald men are sexy," said Allie Benkerc.

 "Some guys look good with hair, some guys look good without hair," Barbara Hall said.

 Bald can be beautiful, and soon you may have a choice.







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