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Bear season is here

Bear Safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Three bears took a stroll through Colorado Springs Wednesday morning and left quite the mess behind them.

That means bear season is officially here. They're waking up from hibernation.

"I'm about to clean up this trash that the bears made a mess of, it's no fun but I have to do it," said one neighbor living in the Rockrimmon area in Colorado Springs. He woke up to a messy drive way on Wednesday morning.

It's how many neighbors in the area started their day. All because of three hungry, bears.

"If you leave your trash out it's going to happen 99.9 percent of the time during the bear season. It just started happening I guess today, so everyone be aware," said the neighbor.

"Bears have super-sensitive noses. They can smell food for miles away so if you put your trash out at night, and that's when they're the most active, they're going to come searching for that food. One of the things that we've noticed is that bears are starting to den in neighborhoods. They're not going back up into the woods because that food source is so readily available in town," said Abbie Walls with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division in El Paso County.  

If you do see a bear you want to make it feel unwelcome. You can try yelling, spraying them with water, or throwing small rocks. Never approach the bear or get in between the bear and its cubs. Take your bird-feeders down bears love the tons of calories in them.

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