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Bernie Herpin seeks to replace John Morse

Former councilman is candidate if senator is recalled

Bernie Herpin Seeks State Senate Seat

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - While local state Sen. John Morse fights to keep his seat, Bernie Herpin is preparing for the possibility of replacing Morse.

Herpin, a Republican, is campaigning and reminding voters of his experience as a Colorado Springs city councilman.  He thinks his name recognition will be enough to succeed Morse if the incumbent, a Democrat, is recalled by voters because of the gun control issue.

"I thought I was finished with politics," said Herpin.  "But my fellow Republicans convinced me to get involved.  I spoke with my family and decided I couldn't sit by and do nothing.  I'd be proud to represent District 11.  I have a history of staying in touch with my constituents and holding myself accountable to them."

Herpin said if elected, he'll try to get rid of the new gun control laws recently passed by the Legislature.  He said they've discouraged businesses, gun owners and sportsmen from staying in Colorado.

"We don't need more laws," he said.  "We should enforce the ones we already have."

Herpin said he'd also try to gain support to pass Jessica's Law, based on a Florida case that would give a minimum prison sentence of 25 years to anyone convicted of molesting children.  Morse said he voted against the law because it would bring less protection to children than what Colorado already provides.

A decision on whether Herpin wins Morse's Senate seat should happen as soon as the election results are official, said Herpin.

"We don't exactly know what the process is going to be, because it's the first time ever in Colorado history," he said.  "But I suspect I'll get a phone call to come up and get sworn in.  We expect that to happen within two weeks of the election."

Herpin said if he wins the election, he'll seek a full four-year term in the Senate after finishing the final year of Morse's term.

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