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Big changes could come to Pueblo's Riverwalk

Riverwalk changes

PUEBLO, CO - Big changes could be coming to Pueblo's Riverwalk.

"It's the image, Pueblo is now the riverwalk city," said Harp Authority Executive Director Jim Munch.

He works endlessly to bring more businesses to the Riverwalk.

Amy Arias, the manager at Rosario's Riverwalk restaurant, took note.

"We feel that the future of Pueblo is here on the Riverwalk and with the growing economic development down here, this is where we wanted to be," said Arias. They were located off of Elizabeth for 14 years. In September they relocated to the Waterfront building on the Riverwalk.

"People who are generally down by the Riverwalk, where they walk or they chose to spend their time, it has brought some new customers in," said Arias.

A total of 15 businesses surround the Riverwalk, but Munch wants more.

"We are looking for some new developments in the old former police building. We are working with a developer on that building which is planning on bringing a new brewpub over to the Riverwalk," said Munch.

He also hopes there will be a restaurant across from Angelo's.

"Development only progresses as fast as  the money becomes available," said Munch.

They hope to break ground on a boathouse next year. There is still no date on when the former police building will be filled.

We will keep you posted on when a final date is set for all those new developments.

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