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Bill to protect U.S. helium supply

Congress votes to delay world's helium reserve in Texas

President Obama has his hands on a bill that would help prot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - President Obama has his hands on a bill that would help protect the U.S. helium supply.

This comes as Congress votes to delay the closing of the world's only helium reserve in Texas.

That closing would have created a serious helium shortage worldwide because helium isn't just for balloons.

It's used in research and in hospitals to help cool superconducting magnets that are crucial to MRI machines.

"Without helium we cannot function in the land of MRI. Our patients would not be served with the high quality images we provide," said Memorial Hospital Central CT/MRI Technologist Vickie Cristi.

The only downside is the price of helium is still expected to rise until other countries ramp up production to fill the gap left by the dwindling supplies here in the U.S. However, Memorial Hospital says, that cost increase won't be passed down to patients.

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