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Bill to repeal new Colo. background checks fails

Controversial law passed after mass shootings.

Bill to repeal new Colo. background checks fails

DENVER - Democrats have rejected a Republican attempt to repeal Colorado's new background checks on private and online firearm sales. The law passed last year in the wake of mass shootings.  

Senate Democrats defeated the repeal bill Monday on a 3-2 party-line committee vote.              

Democrats argue the law is working. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 104 people with criminal records tried to buy guns but failed background checks during private transactions since the law took effect July 1.         

Pueblo Republican Sen. George Rivera sponsored the repeal effort. He replaced one of two Democratic senators who were recalled because of the new background checks and other gun restrictions.            

Rivera says the new laws infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

"If this kill committee kills this bill without a vote in the senate, without letting us know who is pro and anti gun and self defense, I think that that is a huge mistake," said Paul Paradis.

Paradis owns Paradise Sales, a gun seller in Colorado Springs. He supported Senate Bill 14-094 that would have eliminated background checks for online and private gun sales.

"What we have is a feel good bill that hasn't done anything and that's taken a lot of money out of the community and put it in the government's hands," said Paradis.

Christy Le Lait disagreed. She is the executive director of the El Paso County Democratic Party. She was against Rivera's bill.

"They are trying to repeal a law that is working," said Le Lait.

She didn't expect the bill to pass a committee vote.

"I think it's a waste of time. Not even because democrats have he majority, it's a waste of time because the law works," said Le Lait.

The new background check requirement was one of several gun restrictions democrats passed last year. Another law limited ammunition magazines. Republicans are also trying to repeal that law.


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