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Black bear pulled from tree on east side of Colorado Springs

Black bear saga on Chelton

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A black bear hiding in a tree for most of Sunday was removed by Colorado Springs firefighters and Colorado Parks and Wildlife professionals.

The bear made its way up a tree in Aubrey Adkins' front yard Sunday morning and refused to come down.

"This is part of being in Colorado.  Wildlife is wildlife, they're going to do what they're going to do and you just have to work around it," Adkins said.

The first attempt to tranquilize the bear was unsuccessful. In response, the bear climbed higher, putting several dense branches between it and those trying to bring it down.

The bear drew a big crowd to the corner of Chelton Road and Claremont Street while Parks and Wildlife tried to wait out the bear.

Sunday evening, after wildlife officers were able to hit it with a dart, firefighters brought in a fire truck to get closer to the bear. They were able to bring it down safely.

The bear will be moved at least 100 miles away according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife leaders. They estimate it weighs around 150-200 pounds.

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