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Black Forest community continues restoration efforts

Black Forest community continues restoration efforts

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Restoration projects continue in Black Forest, nearly two years after the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history devastated the area.

The group "Black Forest Together" held a forest recovery symposium on Saturday. Community members learned how to restore burned areas and reduce wildfire risk in the neighborhood.

"We are really never out of a wildfire danger here in Black Forest," Scott MacDonald said. He is the program director for recovery and restoration at Black Forest Together. "We've got a problem that's grown over the centuries. We have a solution that's going to actually take generations, but we need to start."

The volunteers at Black Forest Together are dedicated to helping local fire survivors rebuild their lives and their community. Part of the rebuilding process involves learning how to protect the area from future fires.

"We need to make fire mitigation a part of our lifestyle and teach our next generation to carry that on and to be good stewards of the forest," MacDonald said.

Recovery has been a slow process, but residents are working together to rebuild their community.

"As you share stories with other people that live out here, you sort of gain strength from each other," Black Forest resident Linda Siebe said. "We want to maintain this area as much as we can."

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