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Black Forest concert raises money for fire victims

More than 600 pay $25 to attend Saturday event

Concert helps Black Forest Fire victims

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Many victims of June's Black Forest wildfire continue to suffer emotional and financial difficulties, but volunteers organized a concert Saturday to help.

The eight-hour concert, organized by the Black Rose Acoustic Society, brought 11 bands to the Wonderland Ranch near the intersection of Hodgen and Vollmer roads.  The ranch usually hosts corporate functions.

"(The ranch owner) was grateful for the work the fire departments did to save his property," said Society member Jeff Smith.  "Most of the helicopter drops you saw picked their water up from the pond right here on this property."

Smith said that, as of 4 p.m. Saturday, at least 600 has paid $25 to attend the concert.  He said every cent will help fire victims.

Tri-Lakes Cares will distribute the money to more than 150 families.

"People still need food, household goods and clothing," said Cindi Monahan of Tri-Lakes Cares.  "They also need security deposits for temporary housing.  They lost vehicles in the fire, so they need down-payments on vehicles to have transportation and to get to work."

Organizers also raised money with raffles and from corporate donations.

"Most of the people who have helped us, I've never met them," said Jace Turner, a Black Forest resident who lost his home in the fire.  "I feel like our needs are being met."

Dean and Cheri Baker are from Colorado Springs and felt obligated to attend the concert.

"Meeting basic needs sometimes is more important than big things that you can replace or get help with later," Dean Baker said.  "I hope it helps."

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