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Black Forest couple contemplates rebuilding

Demolition crew took away what fire left behind

Black Forest Home Gets Demolition

Black Forest, Colo. - A Black Forest couple is not sure if they should rebuild their home that they lived in for nearly 50 years. A demolition crew was tearing down and taking away the foundation and concrete on Tuesday.

The Addingtons were on vacation in St. Maarten when their daughter called and told them about the fire. They lost their home - and everything inside that was precious to them. Still, this couple has found hope for a brighter future.

It's a sight Mary Addington never imagined she'd see. Her home is now just an empty space.

"A hundred years of my family is gone. I had pictures and history and things of my father's and mother's and his mother's," said Mary Addington.

Crews were hauling away what the fire left behind.

"That's a piece of somebody's house, somebody's home. We're just trying to make these bad memories of this place go away. We can haul it to the landfill and it gets recycled," said Action Excavating & Utilities Co. employee Jason Crawford.

"I couldn't come up here yesterday. I just didn't really want to watch it happen. It's a little better now that I'm here," said Addington.

"Look at these beautiful flowers that are blooming over here and the grass is growing," said Addington.

A sign of hope that she never thought she'd have again.

"There's life coming back. And hopefully these trees will live. I hope so. There's green in them," she said.

Lucky for her and her husband Harold, they decided in March to keep their expensive insurance plan.

"So we're so thankful that we didn't change any of it because it is a good... the insurance man said I'd never seen a double cap. We're really grateful."

The Addingtons have lived there for so long, they can't imagine living anywhere else.

"Our roots are right in this ground. So we're planning on rebuilding," said Addington.

A flag hanging in their driveway believe it not survived the fire. It's another reason Mary believes she's belongs here.

"It just says it's home. You came back home and this is where you need to be," she said.

Mary and Harold are renting a house nearby in Colorado Springs for now. It took them more than a month to find a place because they have two large dogs that need a big backyard.

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