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Black Forest family amazed by fire's path around home

Fire victims see flames nearly reach their home

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Some Black Forest families are back home and feel like they have a new part of the family.

"We have our own firefighters," said Bobbette MacDonald. She returned to her home Saturday night to find that the forest fire stopped just a few  feet away from her backyard.

Nearly all of the big trees behind their home in the High Forest subdivision were scorched from root to treetop, but their house remains in tact.

"You can see from the damage here how close this fire was and how intense the heat was," said Bill MacDonald.

Some of the closest things to the raging inferno survived the heat like a hot tub and candles that were sitting on top of an outside chimney.

The most noticeable damage was to umbrellas on the upper deck of the home.

Firefighters are still circling the home, putting out fires still smoldering underground. They're also checking the conditions of the burned out trees so they don't come crashing down on nearby homes.

"I'm glad they're here, that's for sure," said Bill MacDonald. "It gives us a sense of security and I can't be more thankful to them or grateful to them for the work they're doing."

The MacDonalds still have to check for roof damage and have a water irrigation system and trees to replace but not their house.

"It was that close and we're still smiling," said Bobbette.

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