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Black Forest Fire: 9 a.m. news conference update

Friday, June 14, 2013

Colorado Springs - Feeling much better today. That is the message Sheriff Terry Maketa relayed at this morning's Black Forest Wildfire press conference. The weather gave firefighters an upper hand as they work to contain the deadly blaze that's destroyed over 370 homes, and has burned as many as 15,000 acres. Emergency crews are still working on hot spots on all sides of the fire. Crews on the inside are also working on flare-ups and hotspots. Officials say they did not loose any more structures Thursday night, nor did they loose any more land to the fire. Today, they are keeping a close eye on the weather, but firefighters say if they can continue the trend, they could be reaching a turning point, in gaining ground and containing and putting out the fire.

Helicopters and heavy aircraft will remain in the area, to help fight the flames.

The death toll stands at two, as reported yesterday. The victims have not been identified yet.

By the numbers:

38,000 People Impacted

93,000 Acres Impacted

13-15,000 Acres Burned

379 Homes Destroyed

Right now, the evacuation areas remain the same, although officials will be re-evaluating those areas in the morning, depending on how the firefighting efforts go today.

Police are patrolling evacuated areas, and are on the look-out for looters. They did not get any calls in last night, regarding looting.

The next press conference will be  at 5:00 pm Friday evening.

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